Friday, February 20, 2009

blog 4

1. What you could notice first I would say is the dots along the wall, or maybe your eyes are drawn right down the hall.
2. It is a collage hall dorm, weight walls with random patter dots that are different colored. they lights are shinning on the floor. and it a long look an walk down.
3. There seems to be no real pattern for color or anything, unless u want to count the doors who are in the pink black pink black form.
4. No, not really only tells a story to the people who live here. Dull.
5. Edward Ruscha’s pictures are a tunnel look, were you see on object up close and then disappears into a vanishing point.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog 3....ish

1. The first thing that stands out is the cell phone. next would be the bottle. With all this it looks like a random picture taken for pure thought of boredom. This affects me very little but the phone kinda shows how we stay connected to loved ones.
2. The photo is black and white, with a side flip phone open on top of a ipod. Its on a peace of white paper. A white bottle is up towards the upper right hand side. the shadows fade from gray to white, even a darker shade of gray near the black.
3. There is no real order in this picture, the lines fold and mix showing with one another.
4. The story that is shown is that of a phone that is more of the center of the world. Dark.
5. The link to my picture and Albrecht Durer’s artwork is very small. the very thing that puts our close is a Link.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog 2

1. My frist thought is, "thats a lot of drinks sitting there" but other than that is that its just a wal-mart shelf.
2. This picture shows a wal-mart lane, were there are a ton of juice drinks that are here. The lines start off thick at one end of the picture and thin out as they move away.
3. white floor, white shelf, with no real color order. they are lined up in their own way, with opening of missing peaces.
4. No not really a story in the shopping quest. Colorful
5. Mine shows the need for life, while Honore Daumier is the drawing of life.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog one

1. My cat is on drugs, or OH HE'S SO CUTE AT TIMES! Well some people can just say its phat.
2. A lazy cat with his happy box of cat nip that was freshly cracked open for him. He's furry black and gray and completely happy.
3. Him and his box is off to the side but then in then center.
4. Yes, that like most cats they will go crazy for cat nip and that like people they crash after each time and rest till another time. Intoxicated.
5. It deals with life and about an every day life kind of thing. And hers deals with expression and the cat in this photo is very satisfied.